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Emergency!!!  The 2019 U.S. Department of Education NAEP Statistics do not lie. Eighty-six percent of African-American children in eighth-grade are not proficient in reading and eighty-nine percent are not proficient in math.  The  data reveals a catastrophe for African-American children that thwarts future education and employment opportunities.  The dismal performance also helps to perpetuate the perilous cycle of generational poverty.  Hispanic children's numbers are also low at 80 and 84 percent respectively.  READ, a highly innovative best-practices only nonprofit is committed to raising up our nation’s most disadvantaged children and families, particularly African-American individuals, because Black Lives Matter.  Theirs is the demographic with the greatest need.   Also, 2020 COVID-19 school closures  negatively impact disadvantaged African-American children more than any other student group.  The need for READ's work has never been more crucial.  Join us in helping needy children of color succeed.  

READ's Evidenced-Based Solution
READ provides “Brainacus,” a global best-practices extracurricular early-grades math program that provides students ages four to seven advanced mathematical skills.  This unique and effective STEM program was tested in urban preschools in Des Moines, Iowa.  “Brainacus” takes the nucleus of Asian math instruction that produces the world’s best math scores and provides it in a translated way to work effectively in English with American children. READ's program, incorporating an abacus as a learning tool resolves difficulties many children face in understanding place value and also the associated ability to perform multidigit arithmetic. “Brainacus” provides a formidable enjoyable extracurricular opportunity for children entering kindergarten through third grade to boost their mathematic comprehension, calculating skills, and overall academic discipline.

Educator and Parent Comments

Education professionals and parents comment on the value of READ's Brainacus program.

Classroom Validation

Video from classroom development and validation with at-risk Pre-K students. 


Brainacus used a unique copyrighted method to teach early grades students advanced place value.  

Research justifications for "Brainacus" include studies published in the American Journal of Education, Neuroplasticity, and Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience.   Click Here for Citations

Excellent Instruction and Quality Parent Coaching

Meet The Instructor, Mr. Leo!

Meet Dwight Muhammad Qawi!

Introducing Mr Leo!  He has years of experience designing effective education programs.  And he has worked for years to adapt the best early childhood education practices in the world for delivery in America to boost academic performance among our lowest-performing students.   Children love the program and look forward to class with Mr. Leo.  

Brainacus online classes are unique. As a parent also attends class with their child, the two weekly 30-minutes sessions are also designed to strengthen the parent-child bond, have a positive effect on student behavior, instill mutual pride, and teach the parent too!

READ is well aware of the challenges inner-city parents face providing for the well-being of their family.  That is why we provide parent coaching to needy disadvantaged mothers and fathers. Dwight Muhammad Qawi is READ’s Lead Parent Coach.  He has overcome deep poverty growing up in Camden, NJ and a stay at Rahway State Prison.  Now a certified substance counselor and also a life coach, Dwight has committed himself to helping lift up needy disadvantaged parents and young adults in inner cities.  Before beginning his work to improve urban lives, Dwight won two world championships in the ring and has been enshrined in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.  He's a champion who knows firsthand about overcoming poverty and despair through hard work and commitment to success.  And with his experience as a certified counselor he's a highly effective coach.  He’s a world champion, our nonprofit’s champion, and a champion to all he helps.  He's a champ whose got the gloves on and fights endlessly to advance Black Lives and the lives of others who are underserved and need assistance.  Click the video at the top right to meet Dwight Muhammad Qawi.

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READ's 7-Week Program Provides the Following Benefits 

  1. Improves children’s math skills, concentration, and academic discipline.
  2. Fosters confidence and joy in learning and doing math.
  3. Helps develop both the left and right brain.
  4. Bolsters parental engagement with the child and the child’s academics.
  5. Provides a ripple effect that has been shown to positively affect performance in other subjects.
  6. Enables students to increase the level of challenge and complexity at their own pace.
  7. Offers an expanded opportunity for children to engage in mathematics as called for by the Education Commission of the States and the National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine.
  8. Bestows on achievement-gap children a more solid academic foundation and cognitive benefit to place them on-track for continued academic success and escape from generational poverty.

Support Advancing Children of Color by Supporting READ

READ needs your support to improve the lives of inner-city children by advancing them academically and putting them on-track to escape the cycle of generational poverty. Improving scholastic accomplishment is vital to their adult success and prosperity.  We need your support and are proud to name and promote our supporters and sponsors. Donations to READ are tax deductible!  Your donation will fund programming and instructional delivery expenses, digital security, academic supplies, and data analysis and reporting.  We are proud to assure full accountability to our donors. Click Here to make a tax-deductible donation online or by check.

Essential Ongoing Research!

In addition to students’ academic success being imperative, READ’s essential objectives include on-going research and development in effective mathematics instruction, expanding online delivery, and advancements in data collection and reporting.  We are committed to helping end the cycle of poverty through academic success and increasing the number of students pursuing STEM study.  

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